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Web & Application Development

Whether you need a website or web application built from the ground up, or have an existing project that needs additional features, I can help. I aim to provide clients with a complete package that can be mostly self-maintained upon completion. This can be achieved by various means, including utilization of Content Management Systems, writing clean, maintainable code and by working closely with you to ensure all implementations are appropriate for your project. For more detail about my experience and skills, take a look at my resume.

User Experience

A good user experience involves taking a user through a journey and telling a story along the way. I focus on having a deep understanding of potential user, their needs, what they (and you) value and also their abilities and possible limitations. By obtaining an understanding of these factors, projects can be tailored for the users, whilst still achieving organizational goals and objectives. I have extensive experience in first-hand and reported user research, usability evaluations, accessibility auditing and project management, all of which will aid you in optimizing your users’ experience. to find out more!

Code Quality & Security Audits

Software developers often have strict deadlines and pressures to deliver quality within allocated sprints. Unfortunately the time given is not always sufficient, and when time is limited, it’s often security, testing and code quality that are of the first to suffer. Reducing risk and technical debt in existing code-bases is critical to the long-term success of any web application. By conducting an initial investigation, followed by follow-up testing and reviews, I am able to reduce your risk, improve the efficiency and maintainability of your code, whilst ensuring code is in line with current best practices.

Accessibility Audits

According to the World Health Organization, there are currently around 285 million users who cannot read all content on websites, due to various disabilities, such as those suffering with low vision or blindness. We should all aim to make valuable content accessible and available to all users, but doing so requires careful design and technical considerations. I am experienced in both auditing and fixing accessibility issues on websites and web applications. Once you have a structure and some principles to follow, along with some useful tools, this is a fairly easy area to maintain.