Please initially to enquire about any of the volunteer services listed below

Voluntary mentoring (programming & software development)

I have been a software developer for several years now, I made my start as a junior SQL developer in January 2015. Before that I had worked in IT in various forms, but had never written any code. I was in a low-paying job and had just graduated university, with no idea on my life direction. I decided to take control and took some online (free) courses and started experimenting with various code by myself at home. After two weeks of doing this, I applied for my first job as a developer and got it. Since then I have become a successful full-stack developer that has a broad technical skill set, but with some specialisms that help me stand out and do well within a competitive field.

A lot of people I work with have at least under-graduate, but often post-graduate degrees in computer-science or engineering, I do not. Whilst these are extremely useful paths, some people don’t have the opportunity to follow such paths, whether due to financial burdens or other life-circumstances, such as age or family obligations.

I believe there are a great number of capable, smart people in the world that due to unfortunate life circumstances, are stuck in positions that don’t reward them adequately. If this is sounds like you, then please – I want to give back to a field that has given me so much by teaching and mentoring those who deem it inaccessible to them. Even if you’ve never touched a line of code in your life, I believe with the right determination, anyone can develop any technical skill to the point it can reward them with a great life, if they’re willing to put the work in.

Voluntary French lessons & language learning mentoring

In 2015, I started teaching myself French, with no background the in the language at all. I’m currently at the European Language Framework B2 level. Whilst I’m not native-sounding, I have a good level of fluency and proficiency in the language that allows me to enjoy conversation, watch movies and play video games in French (without English subtitles obviously!) I have a strong passion for language learning and am happy to teach what I know to keen learners, or to practice existing skills with students.

Voluntary Guitar Lessons

I started playing guitar at the age of 14 in 2002. Since then, I have played in bands, played many live gigs, recorded albums and produced many guitar & music videos. I believe learning and mastering an instrument is an extremely rewarding experience and would like to give back some of what has been given to me by providing lessons online via video call to those who would otherwise not be able to access a teacher. I have taught guitar to students of all ages and abilities and can cover many styles of playing and expression. If you’d like to book a free lesson, please telling me more about yourself and what/why you’d like to learn. Below is a brief sample of my playing.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Wrestling Training

I have been competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 2016. I am not a coach or trainer, but I’m always happy to train with new people and exchange knowledge, techniques and learn together! Below is some training and competition footage from various tournaments I’ve competed in.


I have had a passion for videography since I was quite young. I enjoy recording and editing various types of video. The motivation video below was developed with personal footage some of my training partners sent me and was made simply for the love of making high-quality videos that has the potential to inspire and motivate other people to start or continue their journey.